Cleaning Up

During tonight’s pre-open planning, Andrew got really board and started mop. Hey someone’s got to do it.





Number #7

Lucky number #7 signed on to the Montrose Makerspace today! Woohoo!

Non-profit help

The Montrose Makespace is looking for help obtaining non-profit status. Want to help us? This is the first major step to opening the door. Please contact Craig.

F16 powered by Arduino – Demo

I soldered the parts using my reflow toaster oven.

The reflow looks really good, I love this stuff!

Here’s some example Arduino code running.

Box #2 – Box Making Made Easy

I met Ross this morning at the MM and he said, “get that camera out. Let’s make a shipping box!” OK, can’t pass this up.

Member 6

Nathan joined MM last evening after the walk-through. We then had a great pre-open planning meeting. I spewed while Chuck, Chris and Nathan listened. I vowed to open my mouth this evening and see what they have to say.

Walk Through Videos

Here ya go!

F16 powered by Arduino

I’m helping the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History with their TACOS F-16 Fighting Falcon preservation. We just got back from our NoCo meetings and the comp’ed boards from Advanced Circuits were here.


The F-16 top silk looks great!

Here’s the github repository link.

Members 4 and 5

Through member 1, Josh Kline, I met Chris and Chuck this evening. After we whipped the drool of the Haas Mill, we talked for several hours. They are tremendous team assets. We’re meeting in the MM lounge at 7:30PM for a planning session. Care to join us? Then just show up!