Montrose Makerspace ran a table at WHM’s 3 year celebration last evening.

Our first table.

An early bird checks out the 3D prints.

Ready for action.

Chuck was a Rockstar last evening. Dressed in period (40s) and signed up 12 people for MM tours. The evening, our table, was a success because of his efforts, I just showed up, stood there and ate desserts. He did all the talking and generated enthusiasm. Thank you Techman!

Chuck’s Taz dazzled the crowd.

I like holding off on dessert to sign up.

Light Up Your Halloween with Electroluminescent (EL) wire!


Thursday October 23rd the Montrose Makerspace crew brought a big shipment of Electroluminescent wire to the Montrose Library for our first public makerspace event!



Electroluminescent wire (EL wire for short) uses electricity to generate light within a thin, flexible colored wire. The effect of this atomic-level reaction makes the wire glow like Neon! Since the wire is flexible and battery-powered, it can easily be sewn, glued, tied or taped to clothing or costumes.


Kids (1st-6th grade) were invited to bring a small costume item (hat, glove, shoe, headband, belt, or props) to decorate with the glowing wire.

Thanks to some help from Montrose Library staff and a couple of 8th grade volunteers (Nathan Stryker & Maggie McKail), the event was a phenomenal success!


Sain Deal

Sainsmart is offering 20% orders more than $75 dollars (promo code HCO$75). I think that discount will make Arduino Uno’s $6.39ish (shipping from China). Now, who doesn’t want that!

I Robot

Last night after watching the Walking Dead, I was wide awake so I started another series. This time something requiring a base knowledge of differential equations, Control of Mobile Robots. It looks like its about a 7 week course on applied control theory from Georgia Tech. I need this refresher, its been almost 25 years since my course work there. I’m particularly interested in how MATLAB simulation code will be translated into embedded processor code, particularly if the processor doesn’t have a floating point coprocessor. There’s several upcoming Makerspace projects in need of precise control. I’ll let you know how it goes.

BTW, the course is free. Sign up today and watch it instead of the Walking Dead. Who’s with me?

Putting the Resistance Down

Here’s this evening’s little fabrication project. See my Picture of the Day post for the story.


Before I left Albuquerque, the F-16 wiring team performed a ‘site survey’ of the NMNSH’s B-52B aircraft. After spending several days on/around the F-16, The B-52B is enormous. It, however, will be somewhat easier to ‘wire’ because of the easier internal access throughout the aircraft. We can certainly surface mount wire harnesses without ground visibility also. It’s BIG, read my “Picture of the Day” post here.

The Lathe is in da Haus!

Ross was busy while I was in Albuquerque for the past 10 days. Our Haas milling machine, Hass tool room lathe, lathe #3, welding area, metal fab area are all reconfigured. The machines are powered and ready for action!


Let make something.

On to Routing

We routed wires all day. Click this link for my Picture of the Day post.

Pain in the Tail

Day 3 on the F-16 rewire. See my Picture of the Day post for the story.

Challenge Accepted… Montrose Makerspace has the tools

I was challenged to ‘put dave’s face on a glass because it would be cool’ from a photo from a recent wedding Dave Wedding photo

At the Montrose Makerspace I learn that lasers are either OFF or ON, but the human eye can ‘see’ grays when the ‘dots’ are close, but not too close next to each other [like a newspaper photograph]. So the first thing to do is to convert the color image to grayscale & ‘cut out’ the background. Then to convert the photo to a black & white version [no grays, just black or white]. Dave Wedding photo B-W

The first laser test was with the image as we would ‘see it’ as being ‘good’ but result was the opposite of what I wanted to see. I inverted the image & converted it to a vector art layout [inverted with a heavy outline of the image to ‘frame it in’.] Dave Wedding inverted-vectored

As odd as it looks, the final layered glass turned out well. Dave was happy about his new custom glass.

Dave with finished glass


An idea, a challenge, trial & error [a learning experience] & the final result. A good journey in having fun with lasers & figuring out the ‘How-to’.