Arduino Powers F-16

My write up spans several photo blog entries with 111 photographs and 14 videos. The project summary posting is here.

The project involved about 10 people, the Montrose Makerspace, contribution from board house, and more than 500 hours of volunteer time.

The result is the first static F-16 on display with functioning lights. The New Mexico Senators and a Brigadier General attended the restoration reveal.

A Swordfish and a Laser

Snapped a photo of a rusty white silhouette of a swordfish a couple of months ago. I wanted to laser out my own version, someday…. Today is the day.
Cut the swordfish out of the picture, converted it from raster to vector art & cut it out of 1/4″ plexiglass. The video is a time lapse of the project being laser cut.