Zara Visits

I took my granddaughter by the Makerspace today. We watched Steve spin the Haas TL-1 then we cut something on the laser cutter.

Here’s my Picture of the Day posting.


Here’s a bit of news. Around 12PM on Christmas Eve, Doug, Kern, Susan and I sat around and watched Doug work his magic with the state of Colorado and the IRS websites. Before we knew it, the “Montrose Makerspace” became a registered CO corporation and has a federal EIN number! Next Tuesday, we’re meeting again to apply for 501c3 with the IRS. On 1/2/2015, we’ll get a bank account and be able to take donations and membership payments.

Fiber Progress

This spool showed up a couple days ago. Trench away!


December Progress

Our makerspace is getting busier and busier. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM someone shows up and that’s great. The largest group yet was on Tuesday, 20 showed up from a church men’s group. That was a lively bunch. This evening we had 2 entrepreneurs in the house one from Telluride the other a local. They are ready to build their dream: designing, prototyping, starting their small business, hiring and manufacturing here in Montrose. The energy level continues to rise.

The city of Montrose, Colorado Mesa University, Welcome Home Montrose, Abrams Advertising, Hartman Brothers, Recla Metals, and Job Site are now Makerspace partners. We’re planning on mid-January opening with several classes to be offered almost immediately, the first being I100-Introduction. Its a BOS class, Basic Operation and Safety. After taking I100, members will be able to start using several wonderful tools. See the Education tab for more information on class offerings.

In the next couple weeks, we’ll be soliciting for ‘Founding Members’, those of you who want the Montrose Makerspace to happen and are willing to pay for a year in advance and understand our processes, classes and daily operations will be in a state of flux for several months.  We’ll be calling you soon!

Make Article

Hey made it on Make.

School of Make – Graphing 3d Objects

Chuck brought the “Taz” 3d Printer to Columbine Middle school on Tuesday November 25th to talk about how he uses math & geometry to make 3d objects and models.

Chuck talks to Columbine Middle school students about 3d Printing & Math

Chuck talks to Columbine Middle school students about 3d Printing & Math


The Taz 3d printer uses numeric instructions from a computer model (called “G code”) to create 3d objects by “drawing” with melted plastic, one tiny layer at a time.

3d printing an octopus

3d printing an octopus

While students watched their octopus being “Made at Columbine”, we took a look at some g code and noticed something familiar…. Cartesian Coordinates. G code is easy to understand now!

G1 Z0.360                // Move Z axis UP 0.360mm
G1 X126.248 Y122.924     // Move here in X & Y
G1 E2.00000 F1500.000    // E means "Extrude" plastic
G1 X127.221 Y123.867 E2.00854 F6000   // F is Fan speed
G1 X128.268 Y124.699 E2.01696  
G1 X129.458 Y125.377 E2.02558
G1 X130.814 Y125.833 E2.03459
G1 X132.211 Y126.111 E2.04355
Cartesian Coordinates

Cartesian Coordinates

By squeezing out plastic while the nozzle is moving to points along the X and Y axis, we can “draw” lines with plastic. By moving the nozzle up (Z axis), we can draw more layers on top to build a 3d object!

Here’s a time-lapse video of the whole process:



Once we got inspired, we started to talk about the possibilities…. what might be the first 3d printed object in your life? Did you know these are happening TODAY??



A 3d printed car?

A 3d printed car?

A 3d printed House?

A 3d printed House?

A helping  hand?

A helping (prosthetic) hand?

3d printed body parts

3d printed scaffolding for a Kidney, cartilage for an Ear, and bone for a FInger.

3d Printing a kidney with living tissue

3d Printing a kidney

Want to learn more? The friendly TAZ manual is a great introduction!