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Bill and Ross sliding the newest machine on campus, another Doosan Lynx220.


Garrett, a ‘tour’ist both to Montrose and to the Makerspace tickling our lounge ivories.



3D-Printing our future – at Maslow Academy

Last Friday, Chuck brought his “Taz” 3d Printer to school again…10841861_587374144730107_4356021095059698893_o

This time we joined the students in Primary and Intermediate classes at Maslow Academy of Applied Learning in Montrose.

Chuck showed the students what a 3d model looks like, and explained the process of turning it into a solid object, using G code instructions for the printer.


Chuck explained how the g-code instructions tell each motor where to move within a coordinate plane. By moving to the right place at the right time, the printer can “draw with plastic,” one layer at a time.

Maslow students took turns examining lots of 3d-printed objects and learning how they were created.


They also watched the Taz build an Octopus right before their eyes!


Then Chuck showed the students how 3d printing is already changing our world….

3d printed car!

3d printed car!

3d printed prosthetic hand

3d printed prosthetic hand

3d printed house!

3d printed house!

3d printed custom cast

3d printed custom cast

3d Printed PIZZA!

3d Printed PIZZA!

Most importantly – and our favorite part – Chuck asked the students what they would make if they had a 3d Printer….

“Barbie Dream House with Pets”

“A full meal with lots of Dessert!”… “A cake!”

“A race car!”

“A whole universe!”

“A castle that I could live in!”

At the end of the class, each student received a 3d-printed octopus of their very own to take home and show to their family and friends.

The students had so many questions that Chuck even stayed to eat lunch at school so he could hear what these eager minds were going to create with this new inspiration!

Check out the Maslow facebook page or homepage for more information about the school.

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