RPI2, TFT, Redis, Meteor, YouTube Demo

Here’s a performance demo I worked on this morning.

One Man’s Junk…

My son-in-law found a MagniSight Explorer in some free box and gave it to me. This is perfect for surface mount board work, well except its analog 480p video is horrible by today’s standards. So I added a $35 Raspberry Pi 2 and a $26 Raspberry Pi Camera Module for crystal clear 1080P/30 video and 5 megapixel images.

3d-scanning for Custom Shoes!

The TechLab crew is pushing the limits of technology in hopes of bringing footwear comfort to one of our local members.
Last week Nathan helped us create a 3D computer model of a very large (Size 14, 5E width) human foot using an xBox Kinect and some special software called “Scanect”.

Our member's foot, scanned into a 3D computer model

Our member’s foot, scanned into a 3D computer model

By taking images of our subject’s feet from all angles, Nathan was able to create a 3D Model that we printed in plastic using our TAZ4 3D Printer!
3D Printed custom model of our member's foot!

3D Printed custom model of our member’s foot!

In the near future, we hope to work with Sense Of Motion Footwear (they make shoes right here in Montrose) to create a custom “last” that can be used to make custom shoes that match our members foot exactly, allowing them a level of comfort that they cannot find by ordering or buying shoes from a store!
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