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Warm Chicken

Here’s the most ridiculously technology overloaded chicken coop door opener. Just how much stuff can we use? Its not to make the project more complicated, its to learn about more of the wonderful tools available to all makers, inventors and engineers worldwide. Custom circuit board, WiFi, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D modeling, 3D printing, motor control, […]

One Man’s Junk…

My son-in-law found a MagniSight Explorer in some free box and gave it to me. This is perfect for surface mount board work, well except its analog 480p video is horrible by today’s standards. So I added a $35 Raspberry Pi 2 and a $26 Raspberry Pi Camera Module for crystal clear 1080P/30 video and […]

Project Waterdog

I started Project Waterdog as part of Welcome Home Montrose’s Mission No Barriers 2015. Waterdog uses exist technology to enable visually impaired kayakers access to the Montrose Water Sports Park. Here’s my introduction video.