Pottery Studio @ Montrose Makerspace

Montrose Makerspace is excited to announce the addition of a full pottery studio to our collection of tools and resources!
Thanks to some generous donors we were able to secure the right tools to begin producing ceramic creations right here in our space.

We just finished test-firing our kiln and we have glazes and clays on order. Stay tuned for our Pottery Open House, June 2018 – where anyone can come try their hand in creating a small pot, cup, or pate for our first “Kiln test”!

Kick-wheel for throwing ceramic pots

Thrown/Molded pottery creations awaiting firing and finishing

Skutt 10-sided kiln

Blind Endeavors uses 3D Printing to create maps for the sight-impaired

Our newest member has been hard at work, making life easier for veterans and children who are sight-impaired.

3D Printed House Floor Plan

One of their clients was recently covered on KKCO 11 news – and the 3D Printed floor plan of his house was featured in the story!
Find out all the great things that Blind Endeavors does for our community by watching the video below – and pay close attention at 2 mins 20 seconds to see him using the 3D Printed creation to learn about his new house!

KKCO 11 News –
Blind vet not letting injury impair his sense of adventure

3D CAD Modeling – Audio Mixer knobs

Montrose Makerspace LIVE – “TAZ” 3D Printing

What is being made at Montrose Makerspace right now?


For all the nerdy details including real-time tool path “Gcode viewer” – check out OctoPrint

To support us: visit montrosemakerspace.com/donate

What is a Makerspace? Why does Montrose need one?

Got 10 minutes? Let Jamie Leben of Loveland, CO enlighten you!

Show Control with VLC and node-red


Montrose Makerspace created some custom-made show-control software (ShowDynamIX) to help the 2016 San Juan Independent Film Festival host a seamless theater production at Montrose Pavilion this year.

San Juan Independent Film Festival is a benefit for Habitat for Humanity of the San Juans, and this year it’s packed with adventure-themed films to get your adrenaline pumping!

Here’s a screenshot of our projector control dashboard:


Continue reading to learn more about our software project!

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Tech Petting Zoo – Montrose Library Kids

Montrose Library District hosted a Tech Petting Zoo in the Margaret H. Gill Children’s room, and we brought some of our favorite “Animals” to share!

The event was a huge hit, over 111 kids and parents showed up to ask questions and learn about new technology and tools that can be used for cool projects at home.

Nathan, Geoff, Chuck and Andrew had so much fun, we might have to do this again real soon!


Joystick-controlled lego magnet arm!

Remote Controlled Robot Arm

Remote Controlled Robot Arm

Building electronic circuits by stacking components.

Building electronic circuits by stacking components.

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Be a Part of the First Western Colorado Regional Startup Weekend!

Grand Junction, Mountain Village, Telluride and Montrose have teamed up to host a region-wide Startup Weekend for entrepreneurs, developers and designers in Western Colorado! This is the first regional Startup Weekend in Western Colorado, and everyone is invited. This collaboration is built upon the belief that we’re better together, and is the first of many regional events to come.

If you have an idea for a new tech startup that you’d like to see, or even if you don’t know what you’d create, but you want to be a part of something amazing, register today! We promise, this will be an event you do not want to miss. Nothing quite compares to the experience of creating a viable company—not to mention lasting relationships—in one weekend.

For more info, or to sign up, click here: Western Colorado Startup Weekend

RPI2, TFT, Redis, Meteor, YouTube Demo

Here’s a performance demo I worked on this morning.

One Man’s Junk…

My son-in-law found a MagniSight Explorer in some free box and gave it to me. This is perfect for surface mount board work, well except its analog 480p video is horrible by today’s standards. So I added a $35 Raspberry Pi 2 and a $26 Raspberry Pi Camera Module for crystal clear 1080P/30 video and 5 megapixel images.