We want to have fun,

We want to learn,

We want to be productive,

and we will work safe!




…here is how you can help:

First, please make sure that you agree to support the ideas and actions defined here without exception, before signing up.
Failure to support these agreements could make our space unwelcoming or dangerous to others.
Montrose Makerspace reserves the right to cancel or deny membership to those who aren’t interested in helping us support these goals.


Safety for Each:

Comply with all posted signs, documentation, and training. We make great effort to provide this information because it’s vital to all of our safety!

Just a few examples of these mission-critical “golden rule” actions for individual safety:

  • Ask Questions!
  • Wear approved clothing and required protective gear. (Leave your jewelry and accessories at home unless they’re made for safety.)
  • Read and comply with all documentation and training for safe use of equipment and tools.
  • Use only materials that are specifically approved for use with our equipment or tools
  • Use only the equipment or tools for which you’ve been trained, and are comfortable with.
  • Always make sure to have a partner on-site with you when operating the heavy machines, and remember, you’re operating at your own risk.
  • Once again – Ask lots and lots of questions! We love to help and it’s why we are here.



Safety for All:

The space is large, and it’s full of amazing machines, tools, information, and people.

Stuff like this can be used to make memories or make life easierSome creations will make people think. Others will make people act.

Most creations will make us capable of doing something we never have before, perhaps something that makes us happy.

And some are simply…

made to change the world.

That’s exactly why we love every creative experience, and it’s why we must watch out for each other at all times.
  • Help us watch for anything or anyone that could be unsafe!
  • Make it safe – approach and give constructive feedback to other members if you feel that they’re not working safely.
  • Please shutdown & notify a supervising member right away if you notice anything that appears broken – especially if you think it doesn’t look, feel, smell, or sound right!
  • Our equipment and facilities are intended for constructive and educational purposes only.
    • Creation of projects which are seriously hazardous to others or our environment, especially weaponry, must be done within the care and facility of a private professional, or in your own workspace at your own risk. 
    • Our members agree that harmful or illegal activity of any kind does not belong at Montrose Makerspace. All of our resources are intended for positive, constructive, and educational purposes only.
    •  If you are unsure whether any of this applies to your project, please ask first.



Respect each individual

This is a space that welcomes everyone, instantly igniting creative thoughts and ideas!

Each member agrees to practice inclusive, respectful, honest and empowering behavior that supports a positive experience. Our interactions with each other must always remain free of discrimination, harassment, or hate speech.



Experience and Learning for all…

Our members believe in experience. We celebrate every one. Words like “failure” or “mistake” aren’t common in our vocabulary. If an effort was made with some degree of focus, something is created!


  • Feedback is a gift. Let’s be open to constructive wisdom from fellow members, especially since we’ve all agreed to speak up in the name of safety and respect.
  • We know the machines can be loud. Please keep noise to a minimum when possible. Reduced distraction really improves the chance of a brainstorm!
  • Ask the members around you before doing anything they might feel is disruptive, like loud music, or use of power tools in open areas.
  • Likewise, if you’re asked, please make effort to minimize others’ impact on your work, when possible. (I.E. Move conversation to internal room spaces) The goal is for everyone to keep thinking and making!
  • Fumes or open flames are dangerous to everyone in the space. Always use approved safety gear in ventilated areas for anything that creates fumes, dust, or smoke!
  • Please check our calendar, and make a reservation in advance if you have critical/important plans for use of any equipment
  • Please avoid using areas that are reserved in approved group or training activities at least 15 minutes before and after. Please don’t interrupt our planned group activities.
  • For most equipment and facilities, use is prioritized for the order in which it was reserved.



Our physical presence makes it happen!

Many tireless days and nights have already been spent in this very location, creating many inventions and most recently, making this great idea into a reality. This place is rich with creative energy, be here and tap into it!

This space is here because a whole bunch of really generous, dedicated individuals, businesses, and community elements agree that the experiences created within are awe-inspiring and very necessary for our bright future.

By agreeing to support this big idea with your membership or sponsorship, we think you probably agree with our founders pretty well…

We believe that the space is a gift of revolutionary importance to our future minds, bodies, environment, and existence.

These ideas are a foundation to sustain the enjoyment and innovation in this space:



Trust us, there is no more stimulating place than the Makerspace Lounge when brains are storming!!

Your physical presence at Montrose Makerspace is our most valuable element.

The more brains we have under one roof, the greater our abilities and the brighter our ideas!

Just because you don’t have your own project doesn’t mean you should be anywhere else… after all, you’re a MAKER right?
Even if you don’t have an idea burning a hole in your head, its easy to gain experience by helping others make their vision. Or… help us MAKE this space better than it is.

BE involved!

  • Attend our meetings, tell us what you think. Be a part of the evolution.  Flex your creativity.
  • Join every project you can learn from! With more minds powering the project, the intensity of our ideas ignites white-hot innovation!
  • Be Excited! Follow your excitement to learning and creativity. Excitement is viral inspiration… who knows, it could become your future career.
  • Volunteer, Pass it on and share it! When you learn it, pass it on to anyone who will listen. Become an instructor and teach your own class, you’ll love it!
  • Keep us in the Know – Life calls, and regrettably we might have to take time away from creating awesome things. Let us know if you need a break so we can keep the gears turning while you’re out. Oh, and please don’t blame us if you miss out on something awesome!




This space is for everyone, because everyone deserves to be inspired!

In our community, we understand the power of sharing. Let’s seek out new ways to connect with each other.

If you see any opportunity to share what we do here, we’re all about it. If you happen to spark any excitement in someone, bring them inside!

  • Tourists & Spectators – watching us Make is free of charge. Just make sure you call ahead so we can make your experience the best!
  • Guests are encouraged. (Please tell them that membership is required before they can touch any tools or equipment though.) As their host, it’s up to you help them be safe and supportive!
  • Have makers? Will travel! We like to get out and about in this beautiful valley. If you know of a group or event that could use a taste of “Makerspice”… we’re all about that too. Help us create an event and reach a greater audience of inspiring minds!



Thanks for taking the time to learn what it takes to power this big idea!

Go forth, and MAKE (y)our future!!