Benefits of Membership
All member dues and workshop proceeds are used to pay for instructors (in some cases), any required materials for the workshop and the operation, upkeep and improvement of the space itself.

  • Voting for members of the board and on important group matters determined by the board.
  • Full access to the space and equipment during available hours
  • Use of the lounge for your own groups and activities. Want to host a meetup on Girls and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)? Become a member and hold it at Montrose Makerspace. Want to teach a class or have an ‘innovation brainstorming session’ for your company and need a creative place to do it? The Montrose Makerspace is available.
  • Access to all our other members of the organization for learning new things, collaboration on creating and making, finding expertise in a broad range of skills for help on your projects, building prototypes, finding potential company co-founders, getting business guidance from several experienced entrepreneurs, potential angel funding and general learning, being part of a vibrant creative community and having fun.

Student/Starving Hacker/Student (TechLab Membership): $35/month
For students and folks without much extra cash. (Requires approved application for special pricing)

Regular Membership: $40/month or $400/year
For our regular day to day folks and people wanting to support the space.

Commercial Membership: $75/month or $750/year
For businesses prototyping products or performing light manufacturing.
Commercial members receive all the benefits of regular members, plus exclusive access to the facility during manufacturing hours (7am-1pm)

Sign up today by selecting a plan below:

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Document Links
Membership Waiver – tbd
Membership Agreement – tbd

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