Board Members & Action Team Leaders – Be a part of the decision-making team at Montrose Makerspace and help lead one of our action teams!

  • Public Relations & Fundraising
  • Programs & Volunteers
  • Education & Curriculum Development
  • Membership Expansion

Instructors and Volunteers for TechLab! We have many classes listed and need teachers, instructors, professors, hackers. Come on in and let’s get this ball rolling.

  • Sign-Making Experts – Show our members how to make incredible signs using the vinyl cutter!
  • Electronics Engineers & Computer Developers – Flex your skills with electronics and computer code
  • Deconstruction / Tear-down Volunteers – Help kids take apart interesting pieces of technology and learn about what’s inside!
  • TechLab Consultants – Become an expert in TechLab operations and help our members materialize their ideas safely and efficiently.