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MakerFaire Overview

Montrose Makerspace Greatness

  • Founded: December, 2014
  • Space soft-opening: September 2016
  • Number of community events hosted since founding: 178 and growing!
  • Number of educational courses and youth/school activities hosted since founding: 38 and growing!
  • Number of locally owned and operated businesses founded directly as a result of Montrose Makerspace resources: 2 and growing!
  • Number of businesses who rely upon Montrose Makerspace for local manufacturing of products: 2 and growing!
    • Number of full-time local jobs created by these businesses: 1 and growing!
    • Number of part-time local jobs created by these businesses: 1 and growing!

Montrose Makerspace Facility Details:

  • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3211, Montrose, CO 81402
  • Location: 425 Kristen CT, Suite #1, Montrose, CO (4mi North of town, East off of Hwy 550 Frontage Road)
  • Size: 1,000 sqft insulated and heated shop space
  • Building Resources: 3/4 Bathroom with shower, Shop Sink, Concrete pad flooring, 15ft overhead door with electric opener, 220v 2-phase AC power, 200sqft Storage space, Natural gas heat, Industrial LED shop lighting, Comfortable Lounge Area furniture & Kitchenette (Fridge/Freezer, Microwave, Toaster Oven, Coffee Maker), 24h Electronic door access for members, 10′ Aluminum Step Ladder, 8′ Fiberglass Step Ladder, Shop-Vac, Furniture Dolly, Storage Shelving, Multiple Large (30″x8ft workbenches), Smoke/Fume Extraction system
  • Craft shop Machines: Medium sized FDM 3d printer – Lulzbot “Taz 5” (ABS, PLA, TPE, HIPS, Dual-Extrusion capabilities), 40W “K40” CNC Laser Cutter, 2x 30inch Vinyl Cut Plotters, Manual Screen-printing press, Small-format Color Laser Printer
  • Wood Shop machines: 60cm x 40cm Desktop CNC Router, 10″ Combination/Miter Saw, Bench-top Drill Press, 18v Battery operated DeWalt hand tools (Drill, Reciprocating Saw)
  • Tool Resources: Hand Tools (Wrenches, Socket set, Drivers, Pliers, Clamps) Computer repair tools, Communications/Network cabling tools), Hobby Knife/Cutting tools, Electronics/Soldering tools (2 soldering workstations, Heat gun, helping-hands, bench power supply, Breadboarding supplies, Digital Multimeters and test probes), Measuring tools (Metal 36″ straight-edge, metal square, Metal rulers, Measuring tapes, Laser Thermometer, Digital dual Thermocouple)
  • Consumable Supplies available for purchase: 3mm 3D Printing Filament (ABS, PLA, TPE), Baltic Birch “Art” Plywood sheets (12″ x 12″x 1/8″), Vinyl adhesive film, Raspberry Pi computer mainboards, Arduino MicroControllers, Electronic Components and connectors (THM and SMD), Solder, Glue (Wood glue, Hot-glue sticks, Epoxy), Fabric Inks, X-acto blades, Drill Bits/Endmills, Acrylic Craft Paints