What’s a ‘Makerspace’?

Envision a space where ideas materialize. A space where creativity abounds, inspiration flourishes, experience transfers and the future is created today, this is a Makerspace. Take a physical space, equip it with a wide variety of old-school and high-tech tools, supplies, project areas, with training and mentors then watch creative energies soar. This space unites young and old, experienced and newbie, business owners and potential employees, veterans who’ve served with thankful citizens in a positive, high energy, collaborative environment. Montrose is full of motivated people, those who want to create without tools or skills and those who have created and want to mentor. With Makerspace resources, local entrepreneurs will succeed with little or no capital cost or risk. These resources are beneficial to all the product development stages: design, planning, prototyping, testing, marketing, and even manufacturing. The Montrose Makerspace will dramatically impact our community and the surrounding area like they have around the world.

Watch the first segment, ‘TechShop‘, of this Bloomberg Brink Video.

Here are some additional Montrose Makerspace links

Got it? OK let’s build the Montrose Makerspace.

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